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Modern scientific research has delineated many of the physiological benefits of clove to its essential oil, mainly eugenol and acetyl eugenol content. However, the polyphenol load and its nexus with the physiological properties have been recently substantiated. Clovinol® is the true water soluble polyphenolic extract of clove buds developed through a patent pending hydro-ethanolic extraction process. Clovinol® represents a novel class of clove derived polyphenols. Highly effective bioavailable antioxidant with ORAC>14000µM TE/g & Cap-e > 100; confirming cellular antioxidant protection in vivo, under conditions of gastric ingestion with IC50: 0.2g/L. Helps to maintain healthy lipid profile. Helps to support cardiac health. Helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Helps digestion and maintain normal gastrointestinal health.