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Cocoa&Vanilla - Haldin

Cocoa & Vanilla

VANILLA EXTRACT Haldin produces one fold to 30 fold extracts. The product is water soluble, which gives it extensive uses in various manufacturing processes. VANILLA SPRAY DRIED POWDER Haldin Vanilla Spray Dried powder is water soluble. It is like brown in coloring and comes with a pleasant and lingering aroma. VANILLA OLEORESIN Lucious brown and is thicker than honey-almost semi solid. It is soluble in oil. Haldin Vanila Oleoresin is almost 100% moisture-free, does not easily oxidize and can have a long shelf-life stored in a cool place. Highlighted Sweet, smooth & classic vanilla for those various applications. Cocoa Cocoa has commonly been used to replicate chocolate flavor in formulations simply because genuine chocolate flavors have not been available. For cocoa derivative products, Haldin specializes in producing cocoa extracts. Compared to familiar known cocoa powder, cocoa extract has the advantage in its solubility, making it a preferable ingredients for cocoa application products, which in the in the production process simplifies the formulation and ingredients mixing steps. Additionally, it is more intense in flavor and nearly fat free. Haldin’s Cocoa Extract is available in two forms; liquid and spray dried powder, which, and standardized to contain minimum active compound of polyphenols and naturally occurring theobromine.

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