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Coconut Oil - MCT - Food4Change

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil – MCT Coconut oil is a superior source of MCT. Approximately 65% of the fatty acids in coconut oil are MCT. These medium-chain fatty acids are essential for good health and are used in the body in a variety of ways. Downloads Sell Sheet Related Items Pumpkin Seed Oil Flax Oil Coconut Oil – Virgin Coconut Oil – RBD Chia Oil Hemp Oil Possible Certifications Canada Organic HACCP OU Kosher Pro-Cert SQF USDA Packaging & Processing Capabilities Bottle Jar Spray Encapsulated 22kg Bags 920kg Tote Stand-Up Pouch 202 Litre Drum Benefits Source of healthy Medium Chain Triglycerides used by the body as energy Shown to have anti-oxidant effect May aid in digestion, improve moods and raise metabolic rate Shown to be good for gut health by combatting harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites Flavorless and odorless Crystal clear presentation Applications Add to dips, sauces and salad dressings Cook, bake or fry Topping for popcorn Can be added to coffee, juices, smoothies or protein shakes Dietary supplement Can be encapsulated Smoke point – 170°C

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