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CocoSweet+ with Stevia

CocoSweet+ with Stevia

CocoSweet+™  is composed of coconut sugar, harvested from the blossoms of the coconut tree, and of high-grade, water-extracted stevia. The optimum blend of these two natural sweeteners delivers a full, clean flavor profile with hints of honey or caramel, and a mouthfeel comparable to sugar. Participation in the Maillard reaction contributes to browning in baked goods.

Advantages of CocoSweet+™

  • Browning in baked goods
  • 2.2 times as sweet as sugar.
  • 1.25 calories per gram
  • Low glycemic load, safe for diabetics
  • GMO-free
  • JECFA compliant
  • Kosher
  • Superior, smooth flavor
  • Improved temporal profile
  • pH stable
  • Shelf stable
  • Heat stable
  • High solubility
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