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Why CodMarine


 CodMarine® is the first product line of Norwegian omega-3 concentrates to receive Marine Stewardship Council certification. Backed by centuries of tradition, we offer high DHA ingredients produced from pure trimmings of wild-caught North-East Arctic cod. CodMarine® is an excellent choice for companies wanting eco-friendly, traceable and sustainable premium-quality products. Health Benefits Sustainability CodMarine® Fleet Traceability Health Benefits Many people know that omega-3 is good for them. What not so many know is that there are more than 27,000 published studies on omega-3s, making them some of the most studied nutrients in the world. The scientific literature describes several conditions where intake of DHA and EPA are positively associated to health from development of the fetus to older ages. These include: normal development of brain, eyes and vision maintenance of normal heart function, lower blood pressure, lower fasting blood triglyceride level protection of cells from oxidative stress reduced memory loss in elderly (Alzheimer`s disease) Omega-3 intake has further been associated with: depressing inflammation and enhancing immune response improving function of joints generally supporting for healthy aging.

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