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Coenzyme Q10 - Valens - Coenzyme Q10, Collagen, Vitamins, Fertility and other dietary supplements.

Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10 About Coenzyme Q10 Valens CoQ10 Why buy Valens CoQ10 Where to buy Business partners Quvital Coenzyme Q10 – Our patened formula of CoQ10, smaller amounts for BIGGER effects. Our patened formula of CoQ10 enables human body to absorbe 4 times more of CoQ10 than regular ones, it’s clinically proven – click here. CoQ10 is a substance similar to a vitamin, naturally produced by our bodies and it’s being used by cells for energy, growth and maintenance. After age of 21 its endogenous tissue levels decrease progressively, particulary in most active organs such as heart. Basicly coenzymes help enzymes work to digest food, perform other body processes and they help protect skeletal muscles. Quvital CoQ10 is a convenient food supplement in form of a small, easy to carry 27ml spray, designed for better absorption in your body. In one spray you will get 10mg of Q10Vital® and 0.6mg of Thiamin in a pineapple flavour, which makes it tasty and very pleasant to use. Our patented formula of Q10Vital® enables human body to absorbe 4 times more of CoQ10, because its water-soluble, than regular products which still use fat-soluble CoQ10. CoenzymeQ10

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