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American-grown Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil

Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil

Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil fits anywhere you use extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) or want to boost your Omega-3 fatty acids: dressings, pesto, smoothies. And the smoke point is just 20˚F lower than EVOO. Retaining all of its vitamins and minerals, Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil brings both flavor and exceptional nutrition.

Flavor: Earthy, grassy.

Visual: Translucent, deep green to yellow-green depending on viewing.

Processing Detail: We cold press the hemp seeds, maintaining temperatures below 130F, before filtering using diatomaceous earth to remove remaining sediment.

Nutrition: Per 15g (tablespoon), 10g polyunsaturated fat to <1g saturated fat. High in linoleic acid (Omega-6), alpha linolenic acid (Omega-3) and Stearic polyunsaturated fatty acids, with an ideal Omega-6:3 ratio of 3:1.

Uses: Food & Beverage Manufacturers, Pet, Skin Care, CBD, Retailers, Foodservice

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