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Collamex Natural Ingredient | Waitaki Biosciences


CollaMex™ – Collagen Chondroitin Complex Collamex is a unique and proprietary natural ingredient for use in a wide range of formulations related to joint health, bone health and personal care products. Containing naturally occurring chondroitin sulphate, high concentrations of type II collagen peptides, bioactive growth factors and a range of trace minerals, Collamex delivers unsurpassed functionality all within a single ingredient package. Product Features Low molecular weight bovine chondroitin sulphate Studies have shown that the form (i.e. bovine vs shark) and molecular weight of chondroitin sulphate directly influences its absorption after oral administration. Lower molecular weight chondroitin sulphate of bovine origin has a higher gastrointestinal absorbability. + Expand Type II Collagen The specialised enzymatic manufacturing process carefully developed for Collamex results in a finished powder with a high concentration of type II collagen peptides. + Expand Cartilage Derived Growth Factors Growth factors are a diverse group of proteins with a myriad of biological functions within the body, including beneficial effects on the extracellular matrix. + Expand Functionality Low molecular weight chondroitin sulphate provides building blocks to support repair of damaged cartilage and bone and promote healthy skin. High concentration of type II collagen peptides helps to support increased type II collagen secretion by cartilage cel

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