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ColorGlo™ Pearlescent Colorants

ColorGlo™ Pearlescent Colorants represent IFC Solutions’ newest and most creative line of product offerings for the food industry. ColorGlo™ products are titanium dioxide and mica-based powders and concentrates that create effects in your products from a subtle glow to a shiny sparkle.

Recently approved by the FDA for use in food products including confections, gelatin desserts, hard and soft candies, nutritional supplements and cereals, these unique products provide outstanding opportunities for food companies to create exciting new looks. The permitted usage level is up to 1.25% by weight.

Colors and Formats:

ColorGlo™ Pearlescent Colorants are available in an enormous variety of shades and effects as well as a host of formats to meet specific manufacturing requirements, including:

  • ColorGlo™ Pigments: Available in a variety of particle sizes as well as interference hues
  • ColorGlo™ Powder Blends: Blended with Certified or Natural Colorants
  • ColorGlo™ Dispersions and Pastes: Blended into FDA approved carrying media and colorants to achieve the desired shade, viscosity and effect.

Benefits of using ColorGlo™ Products:

  • Provides eye-catching appeal for your food or confectionery products
  • Offers a distinctive differentiator for your products
  • Permits marketing and the food chemist to expand creativity

Plus, IFC Solutions will work with you to develop custom blends and shades to meet your specific needs

Color Glo™ Application Information:

  • In a clear or translucent system, ColorGlo™ Silver LP-based products provide sparkle.
  • ColorGlo™ Interference products deliver a halo effect in various colors.
  • When combined with FD&C or Natural Colors, ColorGlo™Colorants add an additional dimension to your product.
  • In opaque systems, use ColorGlo™ products as a coating. Opacity reduces their impact.
  • ColorGlo™ Colorants effects are enhanced when used in a color or darker based system.
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