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Trafa Pharmaceurical Supplies

Colors & Coating Materials

Colors & Coating Materials Protect Active ingredients and make product more elegant and appealing Complete ready to use film coating materials DryCoat* is based on variety of coating polymers, plasticizers and pigment systems. The polymer is selected based on type of active ingredients, oral solid dosage form, and shape/size of tablet, Film application and FDA/Health Canada regulations. Trafa offers its customer excellent technical services from formulation development, initial coating trials, staff training and trouble shouting. Our staff is highly educated and expert in this field. MAIN FEATURES: All grades are aqueous based and environment friendly. All the Ingredients meet Ph.Eur ,USP/NF, JPE Monographs All grades are quick and easy to prepare All grades are cost effective as compare to similar products All grades are available in Flexible pack size, no huge inventory is required Excellent Performance Stable quality Convenient use and Easy confection Good recurrence High efficiency of coating operation Smooth surface and uniform color Tasteless/Smell less Reduces the production cost greatly Shortens the time of coating and forms membrane fast No stop up rifles, not glue one, not piebald Favorite of the workers of coating Color matching

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