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Colostrum Manufacturing Company | APS Bio Group

Colostrum Manufacturing Company

Meticulous Colostrum Processing APS BioGroup uses flash pasteurization, batch pasteurization, and low-heat indirect steam drying to preserve the efficacy and bioactivity of the colostrum. Our state-of-the-art colostrum processing facility has a special High Temperature Short Time (HTST) pasteurizer, which meets all USDA Pasteurization Milk Ordinance (PMO) requirements. Using flash pasteurization (minimum 161°F or 72°C for minimum 15 seconds) potentially harmful pathogens are removed, while immunoglobulins, peptides and other biologically important proteins retain their bioactivity. Our colostrum is spray dried using indirect steam and with low pressure and temperatures (less than 145°F or 63°C) to produce a high quality powder while protecting the colostral proteins.

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