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Contract Manufacturing Formulation - Good Health Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing Formulation

FORMULATION Our team is our secret to formulation success. Explore the Formulation Process No matter what stage your product or idea is in, our seasoned laboratory staff will create a unique formulation based on your needs. We maintain an extensive inventory of premium ingredients for our nutritional supplements, and we can also source new materials from our trusted network of suppliers. We can even create organic formulations. Identifying Necessary Ingredients Our manufacturing team includes employees with extensive scientific and pharmaceutical backgrounds. During the formulation process, we work to identify key factors that impact ingredient choice. From nutrient absorption to dosage requirements, we'll use product-specific information to develop a powerful formula. Formulation Choices We offer our products in both powder and capsule form. Both products represent a number of advantages, both in terms of effectiveness and marketability. Our laboratory staff can advise you on the feasibility and economic implications of the various delivery systems available.