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CONWED®NET Characteristics

CONWED®NET is a mesh product that is manufactured by a patented technology of CONWED® GLOBAL NETTING SOLUTIONS in the United States.
There are two types of CONWED®NET: "unstretched net (extruded net)" and "stretched net (oriented net)". The oriented net has especially high strength as its molecular structures have been stretched in both machine and transverse directions.
We also have grades produced from specialty resins such as polypropylene, thermoplastic elastomer, etc. which can be use in a wide array of applications.


  • Appearance of Conwed®Net
  • Biaxial-stretched (tentered and drafted) net has high strength in both machine and transverse directions, and besides is lightweight.
  • Excellent shape stability as MD and TD strands are directly fused together.
  • Suitable for reinforcing other materials because of its strength derived from the net structure of intersections being fused together. 
  • Superior breathability for its mesh structure.
  • Excellent water-and-chemical resistance and insusceptibility to temperature and humidity.
  • For keeping up with combination with any materials or any usage environment, we have a wide variety of nets (such as made of nylon, PET, thermoplastic elastomer, etc.). 


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