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Jost Chemical Copper


Jost Chemical Co. manufactures a range of high purity citrates, gluconates, sulfates and oxides that can be used in dietary supplements, nutrients, and pharmaceutical applications. Copper aids in the absorption of iron, the formation of red blood cells, and the proper bone formation and maintenance.

Copper Products:

  • Basic Copper Carbonate Purified Granular – Product Code 2310
  • Copper Citrate Hemitrihydrate Powder – Product Code 2282
  • Copper Gluconate USP Low HM Powder – Product Code 2300
  • Copper Gluconate USP Powder – Product Code 2290
  • Copper Gluconate 20% (Microencapsulated) – Product Code 7267
  • Cupric Oxide Purified Low HM Powder – Product Code 2308
  • Cupric Oxide Purified Powder – Product Code 2283
  • Cupric Sulfate Anhydrous USP Low HM Powder – Product Code 2307
  • Cupric Sulfate Anhydrous USP Powder – Product Code 2298
  • Cupric Sulfate Monohydrate 50% (Microencapsulated) – Product Code 7297
  • Cupric Sulfate Pentahydrate USP/EP Crystals – Product Code 2296
  • Cupric Sulfate Pentahydrate USP/EP Low HM Crystals – Product Code 2302
  • Cupric Sulfate Pentahydrate USP/EP Low HM Powder – Product Code 2303
  • Cupric Sulfate Pentahydrate USP Powder – Product Code 2301
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