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Coriolus (Trametes)

Coriolus versicolor extract/Trametes versicolor extract/Polytictus vesicolor extract (Polysaccharide & Beta Glucan) Coriolus versicolor (L.:Fr.) or Trametes versicolor or Polytictus vesicolor. Commonly known as the "turkey tail" in North America, Coriolus versicolor (also known as Trametes versicolor), is unique among the medicinal mushrooms, with extensive use in both traditional herbalism and modern clinical practice.The focus of the modern clinical use and research (over 400 published studies), has been the immuno-modulating and anti-tumor properties of the hot water extracted polysaccharides.* Originally isolated from the fruiting body (the mushroom), sales for these unique all-natural compounds have reached several hundred million dollars a year in Japan and China, making them the most widely used products in those countries by people facing serious immune challenges.

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