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The Science behind Cranberex®

Potency and Assay method Cranberex® contains 15% PAC’s, as tested by the BL-DMAC method. This makes it one of the most concentrated cranberry extracts available in the North America or Europe.

Tests that compared PAC levels in Cranberex® with five leading finished product brands, Cranberex, showed a far greater potency in Cranberex® (see fig 1).

In-Vitro Anti-Adhesion Activity (AAA) study from Rutgers University

This in-vitro study compared the AAA of Cranberex® with nine other brands of cranberry extract products. In this study, Cranberex® met the anti-adhesion criteria at a concentration of only 0.23mg/mL. Other key products in the market require a concentration of 7mg - 60mg/mL to achieve the same anti-adhesion result. The study concluded that Cranberex® had excellent anti-adhesion activity.

Cranberex®: your market advantage

In recent years Cranberry has now become the #2 selling botanical in the country (ABC Herbalgram). However, many of the products available in today’s market are low concentration ratio extracts, with large dosage (# of capsules) required.

In contrast, Cranberex® only requires 240mg – 480mg/day, and this dosage links its effectiveness directly to a key clinical trial at Rutgers University, and the ongoing studies done by ENI at Rutgers.

With Cranberex® you can enter this large market with:

  • Exceptional potency
  • A product which embodies nature verified by science®
  • A Cranberry extract that is definably superior to many of your competitors
  • The power of Oregon Cranberry
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