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Crohmiq® Electrostatic Type D FIBCs | Bulk Lift International

Crohmiq® Electrostatic Type D FIBCs

Crohmiq® Electrostatic Type D FIBCs Crohmiq Electrostatic Type D FIBCCrohmiq™ Bulk Lift can customize your Type C or Crohmiq® Type D FIBC. We’ll start with a Performance Profile to determine your company’s needs and design it to your specifications. Bulk Lift was the original convertor of Crohmiq Type D FIBCs, is a premier licensed manufacturer of Crohmiq Type D fabric, and maintains the largest global marketshare for Type D FIBCs. Crohmiq static protective fabric for Type D FIBCs is designed and engineered to operate safely in the presence of flammable or explosive atmospheres without the need for a ground connection. Crohmiq Type D FIBCs are made of a special fabric that provides protection from hazardous electrostatic discharges by safely dissipating charge into the atmosphere by a process called corona. The FIBC industry has experimented with alternative anti-electrostatic fabrics, but after thorough independent testing and deliberation, Bulk Lift maintains that Crohmiq technology is the ONLY Type D FIBC that has consistently meet and exceeds the IEC standard for Type D FIBCs.

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