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Natural Colors, Clean Label, Fast Solubility, Stable Color Strength

Crystal Colors

Why Are Our Colors Better?

When we say, "Nature's True Colors", we mean exactly that—true colors from nature. We use a variety of fruits and vegetables in our color systems, including red grapes, black carrot, purple sweet potato and other natural sources. What differentiates us from other color companies is our unique crystal colors system.  Using our proprietary technology, we can create unique colors with a five-year shelf life—all without the use of carriers or need for refrigeration. The ease of handling, solubility, color strength, and stability make our crystals the ideal alternative to traditional coloring methods.

Our colors are available in a wide range of color strengths. Through our unique crystallized colors, we also achieve dark and intense colors—significantly darker than unconcentrated fruit juice colors—that allow for a wide range of low sugar, zero-calorie color possibilities. The crystals have superior water dispersibility and flowability and are adaptable to a variety of applications. For your convenience, we also offer all of our colors in both liquid and crystal form.

Let our expert Applications Team work with you to design a successful and unique shade for your products.

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