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CSAT+® and its benefits Eat less calories by breaking bad eating habits. With energy release. Reduce hunger cravings and snacking between meals. Reduce meal size and feel fuller for longer. Become more active and burn more calories. Lose weight without the struggle. The combination of dietary fiber from the seeds and natural phenols from carob pods (Figure 1) is the most efective alternative against overweight. CSAT+® has a significant content of Galactomannan (>30%), recognized componets of dietary fiber, with high gelling capacity and suppress energy intake, reducing hunger ratings. Galactomannan is widely used in Food Industry (ice creams, jelly, etc.); when dissolved into water it becomes into hydrocolloids with gelling properties. In fact, these viscous and water-soluble polysaccherides delay emptying of stomach contents which prolongs satiety signals arising from the stomach.2,4,6 Human and animal studies agree that increasing the thickness of a liquid reduces the amount consumed when compared with an unthicked liquid.11

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