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CSL Periodic Table: list of all elements we can test

Heavy Metals Analyses

The most common metal impurity analysis as per most regulations.

Mineral Analyses

Used when verifying label claim specifications.
Excipient analyses for concentration of minerals in raw and finished products for multi-vitamins, mineral blends, and APIs, etc.

Total Quant II Elemental Scan

In the Total Quant II Scan, a semi-quantitative analysis, approximately 65 elements are scanned. A 21 element standard is used to calibrate. The values for the remaining elements are estimated based upon internal response factors. Detection limits may vary depending upon sample matrix and dilution required.

Isotope Dilution

Isotope Dilution is used for highly accurate and precise measurements of elemental concentrations. The method is based upon the addition of a known amount of an enriched isotope of the quantifiable element to a sample, thus altering the naturally occurring isotopic ratio for the element.

This method is preferred over others for several reasons:

  • It enhances accuracy and precision in a variety of complicated matrices even at very low levels.
  • Quantitation is accomplished using a direct mathematical calculation independent of problems from an external calibration curve or inadequately matched internal standards.

The isotope dilution method is a very accurate and precise method. It is suitable for determination of trace metals in samples that need low level detection. Since this method has an ideal internal standard that corrects matrix effects, isotope dilution is perfect for samples with complicated matrices.

Sample Preparation

CSL is able to analyze the wide spectrum of matrices above by utilizing the following equipment:

  • Environmental Express AutoBlocks – used for performing automated open-vessel acid digestions
  • Environmental Express HotBlock – used for performing manual open vessel acid digestions
  • Milestone Microwave UltraWAVE – used for putting difficult matrices into solution
  • Milestone Microwave Ethos UP – a high pressure microwave, this unit is used to accommodate high capacities with a 16 position carousel and a high capacity rotor that increases throughput.
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