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CTX II A Tablet Press Machine

CTX IIA is a high speed single sided rotary tablet press built on the latest principles of tablet machine technology. CTX II A is a versatile and economical tablet press for high output batch production. The machine primarily offers simplicity of operation, operator safety and ease of maintenance. All tablet parameters can be fine tuned through the electronic touch screen control. Rated Maximum output is 3,66,000 tablets per hour. Design Conforming to cGMP Totally enclosed oil immersed center drive system for turret 3 Pillar design concept makes the machine sturdy, compact, light weight and mobile, which is the current need of the pharmaceutical industry Transparent Upper Guards designed especially for Sound Reduction & Operator Safety Upper compression enclosed by stainless steel guards All Tablet parameters can be Fine Tuned through the electronic touch panel PLC Control System with Touch Screen Display Optional VAC-U-MAX Conveyor System for automatic loading of granules Optional of a Fully Computerized CFC System