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Colourless, Tasteless and Odourless highly bio-available Turmeric Extract 

CuroWhite is a mixture of tetrahydro curcuminoids, hexahydro curcuminoids and octahydro curcuminoids. Better bioavailability, stability and anti-oxidant activity (Completely colourless and tasteless). Suited for food and beverage applications. Devoid of traditional turmeric yellow colour and taste.

White curcumin, derived from curcumin, is obtained by the catalytic hydrogenation of the curcumin and followed by the encapsulation to get more bio availability.It is a unique blend of white curcuminoids which contain 75-80% of Tetrahydrocurdrocurcuminoids (THC), 15-20% of Hexahydrocurcuminoids (HHC) and 3-5% of Octahydrocurcuminoids (OHC)

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