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CactOLean™ - Dragon Fruit Extract, Antioxidant and Weight Loss Ingredient

CactOLean™ (dragon fruit extract)

CactOLean™ is an all-natural, standardized fruit extract supporting weight loss. It is derived from the pity cactus fruit, also called the “dragon fruit” or “sweet desert fruit.” CactOLean™ is a powerful antioxidant and appetite modulator and support lipolysis, for the breakdown of lipids and fats. 


The unique metabolic mechanism of CactOLean™ has evolved in the harsh environment of the desert. The mechanism of action supports glycogenolysis and lipolysis, resulting in glucose moderation and appetite suppression. CactOLean™ provides remarkable antioxidant and weight loss capabilities. 

  • Appetite modulator to feel satiated
  • Thermogenic effect causing the body to burn fat
  • Natural diuretic to minimize water build-up
  • Reduces LDL, lowers bad cholesterol
  • Lipolytic capabilities to break down lipids and fats
  • Powerful antioxidant 
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