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Custom Blends and Mixes

In addition to marketing and distributing food products, Nex-xus is also involved in continuous research and development of new functional systems. By joining your ideas to that of our dedicated professionals we can create functional mixes exclusively designed for your specific need, giving the market more selective choices from better raw material to higher product quality. Our R&D specialists and technical sales professionals will work hand in hand with you to find the right solution to your challenging needs. Either bring your project to our laboratory, our extended pilot plant and collaborative research labs or we will bring the solution to your facility at your convenience. Whether it is a specific food commodity, a special powder blend or a custom made packaging we are fully equipped to bring out your product from conception to inception.

  • Acid Masker
  • Batternex™
  • Bitter Masking System (BMS)
  • Breading Crumb Premix
  • Calcium™ 5
  • Crispinex™ 95X
  • CR95PS
  • Fibernex™ 87
  • Gum Blends
  • Masking Enhancing System (MES 300 – MES 500 – MES 550)
  • Mix-312
  • SLC (Binding Agent)
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