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Extended Content Peel / Resealable Labels

Custom Extended Content Peel / Resealable Labels

Promotional & Extended Content Labels are an excellent tool for marketing...

Instant Redeemable Coupons (IRC's)

Extended Content Peel / Resealable Labels (Resealable ECL's)

Extended Content Booklet Labels (ECL's)

Passion Labels and Packaging offers an extensive number of options to you when it comes to Promotional Coupons and Extended Content Booklet Labels. From tough economies where consumers are looking to make purchases based on deals to the ever-demanding need to stay FDA compliant with additional label content, there is an easy solution to your needs.

Extended Content Peel / Resealable Labels

The ability to peel up and reseal your extended content label is invaluable when space is limited on your label. The peel / reseal layers, affixed by a built in "hinge", allow you to retain your beautiful label product graphics on the front while adding important nutritional information, instructions, or multi-lingual information on the back and even the base of the label.

Made from durable polypropylene film

Available with either a white or clear base label

Able to open and close repeatedly by the consumer

The special hinged edge acts as the binding for the layers

Available in both a permanent adhesive or a cold temperature adhesive for cold conditions

Print up to 9 total colors + a varnish overcoat, or 10 colors + lamination, for durability

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