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Custom Food Ingredient Blending Services

Custom Food Ingredient Blending

Plow blending

As a true industry point of differentiation, PacMoore operates four full-scale industrial-size plow blenders. The unique action created by the movement and geometry of these specialized blenders produces a thorough, fully dispersed intermingling of ingredients. High-speed chopper blades control particle size while also providing the ability to introduce and disperse fats, oils and liquids. The result is homogeneous ingredient blending and tremendous consistency. Typical blend times are one to five minutes.

Ribbon blending

If you’re looking for conventional versatility, PacMoore also operates three full-scale industrial-size ribbon blenders that provide counter-directional flow while continuously mixing the ingredients throughout the vessel. The inside ribbon moves materials toward the ends of the blender, while the outside ribbon moves material toward the center discharge. Due to a more gentle and fluid motion and agitation, typical blend times run between 10 to 20 minutes.


4 full scale plow blenders

  • choppers control particle size and oil, fat, or liquid ingredient dispersion

  • 200 cubic ft

3 full scale ribbon blenders

  • double helical ribbon agitators

  • 200 cubic ft

pilot blenders

  • 1 plow blender with choppers

  • 1 ribbon blender

  • 50-100 lb batches
  • linear scale-up to full blenders
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