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CAVAMAX® I WACKER Cyclodextrins

Cyclodextrins are oligosaccharides obtained by enzymatic conversion of starch. WACKER is the only company in the world to manufacture all three naturally occuring cyclodextrins – α, β and γ, marketed under CAVAMAX®.The characteristic feature of cyclodextrins is their ring-shaped, three-dimensional structure. The hydrophilic outer surface ensures compatibility with aqueous systems, while the hydrophobic cavity can complex specific "guest" molecules. This three dimensional structure is the key to a wide range of opportunities. WACKER's CAVACURMIN® and CAVAQ10® contain curcumin and CoQ10 with significantly increased bioavailability.

CAVAMAX® W6 (alpha-cyclodextrin) serves as a non-digestable, yet fully fermentable, water-soluble dietary fiber. Dietary fibers are an important component of a healthy diet.

Benefits of CAVAMAX® W6 for dietary supplements:

  • Colorless (plus no Maillard reactions)
  • Neutral taste and odor
  • Low viscosity in solution
  • Highly stable in acidic formulations
  • Non-hygroscopic
  • Positive effect on glycemic index (GI) proven in a clinical trial

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