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D-Glucosamine Sulfate 2NaCL,Golden-Shell

D-Glucosamine Sulfate 2NaCL

D-Glucosamine Sulfate 2NaCL Molecular formula: (C6H14NO5)2SO4·2NaCL Molecular weight: 573.31 CAS: 38899-05-7 Properties: white crystal powder Source: Shells of the Crab and Shrimp Applications: Medical: it’s clinically used in the treatment of mouth inflammation, suppurative eczema, arthritis, snake bites Commodity: it can be used as the beauty cream in cosmetics and additives in hair lotions which can improve the condition of the skin and has anti-oxidation function. Agricultural: it can be used to regulate the growth of the plant and as the active agent. Glucosamine sulfate and its double salt are pharmaceutical ingredients of rheumatoid arthritis with multiple beneficial physiological effects on the absorption of free radicals and anti-aging, losing weight and regulating internal secretion. Therefore, it’s widely used in food additives and health food production.

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