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DeltaGold | American River Nutrition


DeltaGold® A new form of Vitamin E that supports cardiovascular, cholesterol and metabolic health. PURE TOCOTRIENOLS The term “vitamin E” covers eight compounds grouped into tocopherols and tocotrienols, each with different chemistries and biological effects. Clinical studies show delta- and gamma-tocotrienols provide significant health benefits, but the commonly used alpha-tocopherol form interferes with delivery of those benefits. GRAS DeltaGold is derived from annatto, the only known plant containing tocotrienols with virtually no tocopherols present. AMERICAN MANUFACTURED The only tocotrienol produced in the U.S., DeltaGold is backed by forty-plus years of vitamin E expertise. American River Nutrition manufactures DeltaGold in Hadley, Massachusetts using a patented process that guarantees purity. HEALTH BENEFITS Tocotrienols have recently been the focus of more intense study due to evidence showing their support of healthy cardiovascular and metabolic functions, as well as support of healthy cholesterol levels. DeltaGold’s annatto-derived tocotrienols without the presence of tocopherols present an important breakthrough, because alpha-tocopherol interferes with the functions of tocotrienols. For maximum potency, a beneficial composition of vitamin E contains less than 10% alpha-tocopherol. Only the annatto plant provides such a combination naturally.

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