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Depectinized Baobab Powder - Baobab Foods

Depectinized Baobab Powder

Our Depectinized Baobab Powder retains all of the key nutrients of organic Baobab Fruit Powder. It is rich in Vitamin C, packed with Calcium, Iron, Magnesium and Potassium, and the prebiotic soluble dietary fiber (or pectin) that is so beneficial to gut health is still preserved. The production process does not remove the pectin, but negates the gelling effect and cloudiness of the pectin by breaking it down into smaller units. The only component that is actually removed is the insoluble plant fiber. This means that all of the key nutrition claims for Baobab Fruit Powder can also be made for Depectinized Baobab Powder. Simply put, pure Baobab Fruit Powder has been transformed into an ingredient that is 100% soluble and presents as a clear liquid when dissolved in water.

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