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CAMAG® Derivatizer

Automated spraying device for reagent transfer onto TLC/HPTLC plates

The Derivatizer is used for automated reagent transfer in the derivatization of thin-layer chromatograms and sets a new standard of reproducibility by employing a unique “micro droplet” spraying technology (patented). The Derivatizer ensures homogeneity and convenience in applying derivatization reagents, and offers other advantages as compared to manual spraying and immersion. The device is suitable for all common reagents. To meet the divergent physicochemical properties of the reagents, e.g. viscosity, four different color-coded nozzles are available, and the user can select from six spraying modes.

Key Features

Unsurpassed homogeneous reagent distribution

Environmentally friendly and safe handling through a closed system

Reproducible and user-independent results

Low reagent consumption (2-4 mL)

Hood for 20 x 10 cm and/or 20 x 20 cm plates

Intuitive handling and easy cleaning

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