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The DesiMax Sorbents offer the solution to low-level humidity-related problems in a wide range of packaging applications and is ideal for use in the packaging of pharmaceuticals, diagnostic test kits, medical products, and electronics.

DesiMax Sorbents feature an ultra-thin, low-profile design that makes it seemingly invisible. DesiMax Sorbents require little space and is easily adapted to your packaging, either in a free-floating or adhesive-backed format.


  • Cap liners
  • Foil pouch packaging
  • Diagnostic kit packaging
  • Transdermal technology packaging


  • Custom print with your company graphics, promotional copy, instructions, etc.


  • Allow positive placement within your package with their adhesive-back design
  • Eliminate co-mingling with products
  • Are dust-free
  • Are supported by a Type III Drug Master File
  • Provide easy application with high-speed dispensing equipment
  • Fit easily into your packaging
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