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Directly Compressible Calcium Carbonates and Magnesium Carbonates

As a global leader in the field of Direct Compression technology and products for over 30 years, Particle Dynamics pioneered the Destab™ family of products to provide the highest value direct compression or drum-to-hopper ingredients for the pharmaceutical, consumer health, OTC and nutraceutical markets. Most of our Destab Products are pre-granulated in bulk using binders such as starch, acacia or maltodextrin. All of the Destab materials are granular, free flowing powders that are extremely consistent in particle size and range, for optimum use in high speed tablet processes.

We offer the highest quality standards in the industry, producing all of our Destab products to Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient standards in US FDA inspected facilities.


The Destab Advantage:

The global Gold Standard in Direct Compression products for decades

Highest quality standards, including ultra low lead products

Optimal particle properties improve tablet press speeds and reduce manufacturing costs

Excellent compressibility and disintegration properties – improves tablet performance

Excellent flow properties – prevents blockages and improves yields in high speed tablet presses

Security of Supply – Ultra large capacity (>4,000MT/year) and Global Distribution Network

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