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Dietary Supplement

Liquid: Production Process

The liquid products are Dietary supplement having fluidity in the liquid form. They are produced and supplied in various packaging methods such as bottle, pouch, and vial packing. They are premier products manufactured by using the best-quality water produced from excellent water treatment facilities (RO + EDI system).

Tablet: Production Process

Dosage forms are developed through the tableting process of compressing and shaping powder or granule. Products are produced and supplied in various packing methods including bottle and PTP packing. We have equipment such as the state-of-the-art coating machine, the counting filler, and the metal detector.

Granule/Powder: Production Process

Powder or granule products are produced and supplied with the methods of uniformly fill and packed in a pouch or sachet.

Capsule: Production Process

They refer to dietary supplement that are filled in capsule or encapsulated. There are two types of capsule: Soft and hard.



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