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Dissolve BioActive Silicate

Dissolve – BioActive Silicate (DBAS) is the biologically active crystalline form of silicon, an essential mineral required for human growth, including hair, bone and tendon formation. DBAS is a unique form of silicon that promotes joint flexibility, tissue repair, skin health and wrinkle prevention. Its anti-microbial qualities attack biofilm and nano-bacterial growth within the body. DBAS helps displace unwanted and unneeded substances – Toxins – from the body, while at the same time helping to Alkalize it.

Dilute 5 – 9 drops of DBAS per 6 ounces of purified water (distilled or reverse osmosis) per day. Do not exceed 30 drops per day. Do not directly consume the concentrate. Always dilute with water, purified water if possible. Use same dilution topically for pimples, cuts, scrapes or sunburn.

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