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D.O.T Zoalene

D.O.T Zoalene

Chemical Name: 3,5-binitro o-methyl benzol-formamide CAS: 148-01-6 M.F.: C8H7N3O5 M.W.: 225.18

Structural Formula: Properties: pale yellow or snuff color powder,odorless, taste pain. Does not dissolve in the water, dissolves in the organic solvent, the quality is stable. Use and dosage: preventive dose:125ppm,curative dose:250ppm Function: This prodcut is broad-spectrum, high-effective, safe and no residue anticoccidial drug. The product has an outstanding effect preventing and curing seven main insects of Eimeria coccidium . This not only uses in preventing, moreover may use in treating, applies the product's curative dose has no harmful influence to chicken's growth, upgrowth, and oviposition's hatching rateproduces. This also has the good preventing and controlling function to domestic rabbit's coccidiosis.