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DTG-60/60 Simultaneous Thermogravimetry/ Differential Thermal Analyzers

High Sensitivity and Excellent Stability Over a Wide Dynamic Mass Range

Increased Efficiency Through Combined Differential Thermal Analysis and Thermogravimetry

The DTG-60 series from Shimadzu uses a parallel guide differential top pan balance mechanism that simultaneously measures temperature changes and mass changes between an inert reference and sample. Versions include high-temperature models, H models, and autosampler models (A models) for a higher level of efficiency.

Included in the DTG-60 series:

  • DTG-60 model with a temperature range from ambient to 1,100°C
  • DTG-60H model with high-temperature measurement up to 1,500°C
  • DTG-60A model with a maximum temperature of 1,100°C and a 24 sample autosampler
  • DTG-60AH model with a temperature range from ambient to 1,500°C and an autosampler for up to 24 samples

Excellent Baseline Stability and High Sensitivity

The differential balance in the DTG-60 series is of the Roberval style, where the sample and reference are located above the balance at the top of two separate detectors. This design prevents changes in sensitivity from thermal expansion, enables high-precision thermogravimetric measurements, and minimizes baseline drifts caused by buoyancy or convection during the heating process.

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