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DTP Tablet Press Range

The DTP Series consists of two advanced tablet presses that incorporate many refinements to make tablet pressing faster, easier, more efficient and safer. The DTP12 and DTP25 are both single head, continuous operation pill presses that offer high efficiency in the use of raw materials and easy operation through an electronic control panel.

The DTP Series tablet presses benefit from simple adjustment of all key parameters, low noise, and safe operation. They are compact machines that are light in weight for their class yet apply a hefty 50Kn of pressure to produce top quality, pharmaceutical grade tablets that are highly consistent in weight. Thanks to their feeder mechanisms these tablet presses are extremely efficient in their use of raw materials. 

Both the DTP 12 and DTP 25 are modeled on the same format, with the DTP12 able to produce 3,600 tablets an hour up to 12mm in diameter, and the DTP 25 producing the same maximum output with tablets up to 25mm in diameter.

Designed for pressing dry powders and granular material into tablets, these tablet pressing machines are widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, electronic, foodstuff and other industries, and represent a cost effective solution for any application that requires moderate quantities of high quality tablets.

Main benefits at a glance:

  • Clear turret shield to meet GMP requirements for enhanced operator safety and preventing cross-contamination of powder between batches
  • Achieves high raw material efficiency
  • Simple to use electronic control panel for minimal operator training
  • Highly standardised output thanks to advanced feeder mechanism
  • 50 Kn pressure for strong, properly finished pharmaceutical grade tablets
  • Safety cut out button for emergencies
  • Quality design and construction for reliability and ease of maintenance
  • Outstandingly engineered transmission maintains stability
  • Low-noise operation for improved operator comfort
  • Four-pillar structure provides larger operation area
  • Portable machines, low weight for their class
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