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Eggstend™ Egg Replacer - Lactalis Ingredients

Eggstend™ Egg Replacer

80% whey protein concentrate specifically processed to develop typical whole egg emulsifying, binding & texturizing properties. Partial to total substitution of whole eggs depending on the final applications.

Labeled: Whey protein concentrate*

*Eggstend 410 contains food additive

*Eggstend 420 doesn’t contain food additive

10 % lactose

80 % protein

5.5 % fat

4 % minerals

5 % moisture

Looking for Egg Replacers?

  • Struggling sourcing eggs
  • Clean label
  • 100% Egg free option
  • Similar  functionalities

Applications : Eggstend 410

  • Bakery: Cookies| Biscuits| Muffins| Brownies| Pancakes|Cakes*
  • Salad dressings
  • Processed foods: Surimi | Pasta | Processed Meats

*Cakes: for Sponge cake and Pound cake we recommend the version of Eggstend 420

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