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Ethylene Absorber to Reduce Food Waste by Desiccare Inc.

Eliminator Paks

Eliminator Paks Ethylene Absorber Pak Desiccare’s Ethylene absorber extends the life of your produce. Reduce Food Waste & Increase Profits: Food waste is an overwhelming problem in our society, today. Nearly 40% of the food grown in the US is not consumed and is costing a lot of money and resources. US grocers discard $10 to $15 billion in unsold produce every year. Unsold fruits and vegetables account for a big part of wasted food in grocery stores. We must focus on prevention in order to contribute to the solution to this crisis. At Desiccare, we are committed to provide solutions that can extend the life of your produce safely and cost-effectively. By using Desiccare’s Ethylene Eliminator Pak, ethylene gas is absorbed and slows down the ripening process of fruits and vegetables, reducing food loss and spoilage. This Ethylene Absorber is recommended for post-harvest produce that is not going to be consumed right away.

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