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When gut and brain communicate…

Probiotic applications have recently gone beyond the gut looking at associations in the area of mood and stress.

At one point or another, everyone has experienced the relationship between the brain and gut; this dialogue in our bodies has brought about the name “our second brain”. The bidirectional dialogue that coordinates brain and gut functions has been described as the “brain-gut axis”. It now appears that the microbiota, and hence probiotics capable to interact with this microbiota, play a role in this dialogue. This class of probiotics that produces a health benefit in patients suffering from psychiatric illness,  has been recalled  “psychobiotics” by J.Cryan ‘s team .

Recent studies have shown that microbiota manipulation can even influence behaviour in animals (Bercik et al. , 2011). Lallemand released the first clinical studies showing that a probiotic blend (L. helveticus Rosell-52 and B. longum Rosell-175) can alleviate both physiological and psychological signs of stress and anxiety (Diop et al., 2008; Messaoudi et al., 2011). Various health concerns are highlighted : gastro-intestinal disorders, anxiety, stress-related disorders, mood disorders

All of our strains in Lallemand Health Solutions’ collection have been clearly identified and documented based on their principal properties and health Benefits.

• Reliable Strains

Having conducted extensive research over the past 80 years, Lallemand Health Solutions has assured its strains are safe for human consumption. Today, the company’s commitment to safety is as firm as ever, and it continues to focus particular attention on such areas as genome decryption, resistance to antibiotics, and in vivo toxicological studies, among others.

• Stable Strains

Lallemand Health Solutions’ strains are carefully selected not only for their health benefits, but also for their ability to survive through their arrival at their action site. In that regard, the company has developed an ongoing research program for improving the production and formulation of its products in order to provide the organism with the number of bacteria it needs, where it needs them.

• Documented Strains

Lallemand Health Solutions scientifically documents its strains internally, but also through its numerous partnerships with the scientific community.

Strains Innovations:

Some of our strains have been pushed in the R&D process, and can be offered in different versions :
– Non Dairy strains (ND) :
– Probiocap® Microencapsulated strains (ME)

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