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Paprika Oleoresin Manufacturers | List of Spice oleoresins Products

Encapsulated Oils & Oleoresins

Encapsulated Oils & Oleoresins -  We also offer a wide range of encapsulated oleoresins and oils. Encapsulation describes a process of protecting the active compounds of food during storage and processing. Akay offers stable, free flowing, water soluble powders with customized oil loading for the easy dispersion and blending of the powders into various food matrices without any leaching issues. The powders have extended shelf life with ease of handling & usage. Our range includes, but is not limited to: Black/white pepper oleoresin Ginger oleoresin Cumin oleoresin Fennel oleoresin Caraway oleoresin Cinnamon /cassia oleoresin Coriander oleoresin Nutmeg oleoresin Black pepper oil Ginger oil Mace oil Lemongrass oil Rosemary oil Paprika oleoresin – upto 50000 CU Capsicum oleoresin – upto 2.0M SHU Curcumin WS powder –upto 20%