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enge® Double Strength Probiotics

Improve gastrointestinal health, double effectiveness with both probiotics and prebiotics.

enge® Double Strength Probiotics is a good companion for people who regularly fight against allergies。 It helps boost overall immune function of the body by providing beneficial bacteria to your gut microflora. It is produced using double-embedding technology on the patented strain (EU patent EP 1514553) for high tolerance of heat, acidity, and alkalinity to ensure the survival of beneficial microbes in the right environment.

Each pack contains 22.5 billions of live probiotics coupled with water soluble prebiotics such as natural β-glucan, and cranberry polyphenol. Taking enge® Double Strength Probiotics everyday can help maintain proper physiological functions and provide enough probiotics for the day.

  • Improves microflora ecology in the intestines 
  • Maintains gastrointestinal functions 
  • Normalizes squirming of the bowel 
  • Helps smooth defecation 
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