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Enhans SC-78

Enhans SC-78 Wax, a new silicone wax, has unique formulating advantages. Starting with No.1 Yellow Carnauba Wax Koster Keunen adds silicone plasticizers. Formulators use Siliconyl Carnauba Wax as a thickener, viscosity and melting point modifier, and non-grainy gelling agent to add hardness and slip.

Applications: Siliconyl Carnauba Wax is less crystalline than carnauba wax because of the addition of a plasticizer. The new formulation retains the hardness and melting point of the original natural wax. Reducing crystallization in waxes produces a raw material with greater application potential, improved stability and greater control in formulating.

Uses: Formulators use Siliconyl Carnauba Wax for release agents, paints, resin blends, inks, agro chemical coatings, automotive coatings, industrial wood and furniture coatings, polymer additives, floor polishes, textile coatings, emulsion additives, lipsticks, make­ ups, eye liners, lip balms, mascaras, stick pencils, sun care, creams, lotions, hair care and antiperspirants.

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