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EnoSTIM™: The natural male enhancer!

EnoSTIM™: The natural male enhancer!

EnoSTIM™ is a natural male enhancer with 90% polyphenols. Unique and proprietary synergistic formulation of apple and grape polyphenols as active ingredients, enriched with saffron. New pilot clinical study!

3 synergistic benefits:

  1. Blood flow enhancer: ENOs (endothelial Nitric Oxide synthase) synthetises NO which is directly implicated in blood flow. In vitro and ex vivo studies* showed that Nexira’s proprietary formulation activates eNOs, which leads to an up to 50% increase of blood flow. 
  2. Saffron benefits: Historically, saffron (flower stigmas from Crocus sativus) has been used in traditional medicine. It was already consumed as an aphrodisiac by ancient Persians and Egyptians to enhance sexual performance.
  3. Nitric Oxide protection: As shown in an in vivo study, the antioxidant molecules in EnoSTIM™ demonstrated the potential to specifically protect NO by decreasing oxidative stress by 74%.

Directions of use: 300-600 mg / day

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