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Enzyme Activity Assays

These technique-driven methods take years of experience to develop accurate and repeatable results. With over 20 years performing these methods, we have an excellent reputation for accuracy. The US Pharmacopeia has requested our input, many times throughout the years, to test and verify the activity value of certain enzyme reference standards that are used in their methods.

  • a-Galactosidase GalU*
  • a-Amylase DU*
  • a-Amylase BAU
  • b-Glucanase BGU
  • Bromelain GDU/PU
  • Catalase CatU
  • Cellulase CU
  • Diastase DP
  • Glucoamylase AGU*
  • Hemicellulase HCU
  • Invertase SU
  • Isolase IsoU
  • Lactase ALU*
  • Lipase FIP
  • Leucine Amino Peptidase LAP
  • Lysozyme MCG
  • Nattokinase FU
  • Pancreatic Amylase USP
  • Pancreatic Lipase USP
  • Pancreatic Protease USP
  • Papain PU
  • Pepsin USP
  • Protease HUT*
  • Pectinase PGU
  • Peptidase DPPIV
  • Phytase FTU
  • Protease AP
  • Protease FCC PU*
  • Protease PC*
  • Protease SAPU*
  • Serratiopeptidase U
  • Xylanase XU
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