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Trafa Pharmaceurical Supplies


Enzymes Product ID Product Name STANDARD RM1140 Acid Stable Protease 4,000 SAPU/g (A. niger) RM1024 Alpha-Galactosidase 1,000 GAL/g, 10,000 GalU/g, 15,000 GALU/g RM-399 Amylase 15000 FCC/g , 25000 FCC/g RM-398 Amylase 30,000 Amylase U/G RM1044 Amylase DS-K (90,000 DU/g) RM1025 Amylase, Fungal 125,000 DU/g (A. oryzae) RM0814 Beta Gluconase 100BG/g RM-464 Bromelain 1600GDU,2000GDU,2400 GDU RM-1187 Catalase 20,000 IU/g RM1402 Cellulase (Fungal) 5000-20,000 FCC/g RM1045 Cellulase DS 100,000-110,000 CU/g RM0829 CoQ10 Fermentation USP RM-1106 Diastase DS 12,000 u/g BP1020 Enzyme Blends Different ratios RM0813 Glucoamylase 600AG/g RM0753 Glucose Oxidase 10, 50 ,250 ku/bag RM1401 Lactase (Fungal) 5000 FCC/g

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