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Epax® Products


Part of the Epax Ultra Concentrates family, EPAX 2050 TGN offers a high content of DHA with the added benefit of EPA: min. 205 mg/g EPA and min. 500 mg/g DHA.  


The body's need for both total amount and type of Omega-3 will vary with age, specific life-stages (such as pregnancy), overall health condition, and genetic dispositions. As the first manufacturer to work with clinical documentation of condition-specific formulas, we understand the importance of supplying a wide range of products.

We offer both premium quality triglyceride (TG, the natural form of lipids in fish) and ethyl ester form (EE). Our TGN range represents a premium form of TG oils with min. 90% triglycerides, thereby minimizing the content of other glycerides, and residues of ethyl esters. In addition, our TGN range is deodorized for the best possible organoleptic profile.​

We offer two main product lines: Epax® Ultra Concentrates, our "next generation" line of omega-3 ingredients guaranteeing a minimum 700 mg/g of EPA/DHA, and Epax® Core Concentrates which is our line of traditional high-strength, ultra-pure Epax omega-3 ingredients.

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