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EpiCor® is a unique, award-winning ingredient that has extensive published human clinical research showing that it helps support a strong, healthy immune system in many beneficial ways. That’s why Embria Health Sciences, the makers of EpiCor, created EpiCor For Pets® — to help pet owners keep their animals healthy with a strong immune system.

How does EpiCor work?

EpiCor in human clinical trials has shown to help support immune strength by significantly increasing Natural Killer cell activity and antioxidant protection within hours of consumption and significantly increasing sIgA levels over time. Lab studies also suggest that EpiCor acts as a prebiotic, nourishing the beneficial bacteria in the gut.

What is EpiCor For Pets made of?

EpiCor For Pets is a safe and natural ingredient comprised of dozens of vitamins, nutrients, polyphenols and other metabolites. In other words, it acts like a multivitamin for the immune system.®

EpiCor For Pets research on dogs demonstrate:

1. It may help increase serum IgA levels in dogs.

Serum IgA is an important antibody for proper immune function in pets.

  • Serum IgA serves as a second line of immune support.

2. It is easy to feed.

  • Dogs like the flavor profile.

3. It is safe to give.

  • A safe and efficacious dose is 7 mg. per 2.2 lbs. of body weight

Designed for pet supplements and treats for dogs.

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