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Fulfillment Services and Support for Membership, Subscription, Catalog, Personaized Mailing, Kit Assembly and more.


EQUIPMENT Our state-of-the-art equipment boosts efficiency. Production Color & Black Laser Printers: Variable data personalized printing is a growing component of many fulfillment & mailing programs. Our production capacity black & color laser printers give us the ability to tailor your package to your individual member, donor, subscriber or customer. Inserter/Folder/Mailing Machines: The PS140's high-capacity feeding and throughput gives Sisk the practical speed to meet your most challenging high-volume production needs. With the unlimited job storage capacity of its powerful programming and control PC-based user interface, there's no limit to the number of application variations we can recall and switch to. Our new PS140 can process up to 4,500 pieces per hour. We have recently added the WJPRO Mailing Machine in line with our new inserter. Shrink-wrapping and Finishing: Fulfillment by nature is a labor intensive, hand work process. Our equipment helps augment manual processes, making us more efficient & effective with improved turnaround times. In addition to automated shrink wrap machines, gluing and taping equipment, we have a variety of mechanical conveyor belts to run jobs like assembly lines. This gives us the ability to control the speed & quality of the output. Multi-Carrier Shipping System: We have the ability to ship via USPS, UPS, FedEx, Brokers Worldwide, and UPS Freight for both domestic and international.

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